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This dream-like, even nightmarish project is the fruit of more than one year´s study of contemporany spanish society. It is a ironic critic in which I comment on corruption, unpoverished healthcare and education, and deficiencies in other areas of ethics and values which have become frighteningly everyday.

The project consist of a series of carefully constructed instances of social “costumbrismo” with a heavy dose of irreverence and satire to make them less dramatic. In order to underline our precarious situation and to emphatize the spiritual and material impovershment I have choosen to use frames made out of handpainted recycled cardboard with a newspaper headline as tittle.I believe that the artist today has a responsability to capture reality truthfully at the same time as he must seek to awaken consciousness.

Serie limitada

2015:     - Exposición Internacional kunstwerk-carlshuette NordArt Festival.    Büdelsdorf. Alemania

          - Exposición Squatte wine shop. Paris. Francia

 2014:     - Teatro Flumen Valencia, dentro festival Mostra Viva

           -Exposición Cafetin Valencia. España