The social problem of the XXI century goes further away of politics borders. It starts to reach moral limits and it tells a lot about the value of people lifes just depending on their politic stability. I`m talking about thousand of people that are leaving their homes, costums and memories to start a long journey of fears, insecurities and briberies only to get to no men’s land, where their hopes crash into an armored wall called Europe. Their final destination turns into a terrible limbo, confined without time or privileges, in places called refugee camps. It all consists in their transfer to “enabled” areas in where they wait for a “new” future, where they are forced to settle in «welcome» zones (camps or old buildings) in the outskirts of Athenes.
To illustrate this problem I have made a series of black and white photomontages from the images of those who are most vulnerable in this precarious situation of humanity, giving them much more importance, placing them in front of a white canvas with brush-strokes of reality, the hard reality that they are now living.

(Limited serie)


2017:   Galeria  Бартcелона Belgrade Photo Month Beograd. Serbia.
2016:   Bar Biplaza. Valencia . España