Sobre el abandono de personas y espacios a causa de la crisis económica.
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Reflection of Spain’s economic crisis: the abandonment of people and spaces

It is my personal vision about the abandonment of both people and places in this tough economic crisis that plagues the city in which I live, Valencia. The space that I have chosen to represent it is a closed bank that serves as a home for homeless people that is used as a home for a period of time (more or less long) until they find another less exposed to the passage of people, or have been transferred to detoxification centers or social shelters.

It is a follow-up that I have done for two and a half years in the same place every day. A space-time evolution of both a site and the people who have been installed in it. A series of 12 photos, which symbolize the 12 months of the year. A tour of the different seasons and environments that are experienced during a specific period of time, one year, and that is unnoticed by the passer-by who go over it eventually.

2017:   3º Premio Carpetes Obertes