Daily life in this treacherous place is no picnic. Hours are spent planning routes, learning languages, waiting and healing from failed attempts to cross armed borders. Volunteer nurses attend wounds, and temporary volunteers from various NGOs run the camps, working with the utmost faith in their mission. These volunteers facilitate meal times and entertainment, to give some relief of the dire state of affairs. Refugees live with the hope that these volunteers can successfully do the work of governments, and they will share their stories with anyone who will listen.
Victims of this humanitarian crisis are reluctant to enter the camps. Pre-fabricated centers of misery, spaceless, overcrowded prisons of hope. Many are forced to share narrow beds or sleep on dirty floors. The worst aspect of the camps, however, is that they serve as human storage where these people are forgotten in these controlled communities. Camps are synonymous with prisons for new asylum seekers.
My work tries to depict the various conditions they live in.